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...Or Smartass, if you were to ever ask my mom. If only she'd had the foresight.

Saturday, December 31, 2005

New year's Eve: A Completely Ficticious Hour by hour count down...

8:00 Gracious, this wine is good.
9:00 Noble resolutions
9:30 Wow, these words just flow out my mind, through the keyboard, and onto the page.
9:45 Why bother with a glass? Straight from the bottle now cuts down on dishes later.
100:00 Feeling distinctly....queasy
11:00 I need to drink some water.
11:10 What was I thinking? I'm allergic to red wine, for heaven's sake.
11:11 I'm not known for making the best decisions, and this evening is an0other classic example.
11:12 Seriously, what was I thinking?
11:14 An0other?
11:16 Now seems like a good time to write all my holiday thank you notes.
11:18 oooooooo...pasta helps. something nice and bland to settle the stomach. Could the fact that it's the first food I've eaten today be a factor?
11:19 Reference 11:11 pm.
11:20Note to self: this is why you don't ever drink, Dumb Ass.
11:22 Lying on the floor making cell phone calls to everyone in my contacts list, while the room sways to and fro is equally respectable as going out for the evening. (If you were the recipient of a phonecall/message, please accept my heartfelt apologies).
11:31 Houston, we have a problem.


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